Date Outfit Guide

Ahh. Dating. One word that brings up two very different emotions:  or This blog post isn't about the mixed emotions when it comes to dating though (I'll save that for another day). I feel like I haven't written a blog post in a while so my writing is a little rusty. I should probably just get … Continue reading Date Outfit Guide


Dress How You Feel

If you listen closely you’ll hear whispers of “stressed, depressed but well dressed” being chanted by a girl decked out in all-black with a Starbucks Frap in her hand, taking a selfie with another (yes, with the dog filter too) all while she’s writing a tweet about how school has her as dead as she … Continue reading Dress How You Feel


The featured picture is of my uncle falling off a play structure like 6 years ago LOL. Ha, get it, because it's Fall and all. I remember being so excited because I caught it at the exact moment. Anyway, his birthday just passed. HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY YVAN! This is about what I'd wear during Fall … Continue reading Fall