So I Bought Those Essential Oil Vape Pens You See On Your Timeline…

Let me just clear the air and say this isn’t an actual vape pen. It’s a personal diffuser you just happen to breathe in and it has no nicotine. ALSO, can we just appreciate the fact that my nails match my Monq; thank you.

When my mom first started getting into oils I was like okay…what is this witchcraft stuff??? One day my mom was normal and the next day she was hosting essential oil distributer parties and making me swallow oil pill blends to “fix” my anxiety hahah. She also would ask: “has anyone gotten sick lately?” to which she would immediately respond with: “well you shouldn’t be because I put oils on your feet at night.” Like what was she turning into? The essential oil tooth fairy? 😂 It wasn’t until she made me a blended oil pill for my allergies that I started to believe. And let me just say…Zytrec has NOTHING on essential oils.

So, when I saw these being advertised on Facebook I was immediately intrigued. I held off on buying them just because the concept is weird. I don’t want to be “smoking” these in my car otherwise my cop neighbor would stare me down lol. BUT, I gave in. I finally just bought one. I read a few reviews and I was like ugh, fine. FINE. I’ll be basic for just a little.

The packaging itself is super cute. It comes with instructions on how to actually breathe it in because the vapor is not supposed to go to your lungs. It stays in your mouth as you inhale and you exhale through your nose since essential oils work mainly through the olfactory system (thanks anatomy). It also comes with a cute sticker you can put on your HydroFlask. Hit two basic stones with one! STEAL. I have yet to give in to buying a HydroFlask though; however, how cute it looks when you decorate it with stickers is tempting.

I’ve had it for about 2 days, so I’ll fill you guys in with how it’s working as time goes on. The taste I imagined would be horrible, but it’s actually not bad. For now I only have the Happy one, but I do plan on trying out the Zen. I need some of that in my life for sure. A part of me wants to believe this is all a placebo effect because the mind is powerful. So in the end if I essentially paid 20 bucks of my hard earned money to train my brain into being only happy whenever I use my monq then so be it lmao. Better than anything else, right? Stay tuned and brb, gonna go hot box my car with essential oils. (I’m kidding).


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