People That Make Life A Little Easier

I could tell you a million times why my family means a lot to me, but there’s some people in my life that I don’t appreciate as often as I should: this is about them. I’m writing this because I assume that they know that I appreciate them already. I’m a little rusty with this whole blogging thing once again; life just can’t seem to slow down for me this summer (and when it does I’d rather binge watch Terrace House on Netflix and actually relax lmao). I understand coming back with this blog isn’t really meant for the vast majority of my audience, so why would they even care to read it? (ha ha audience. sounds so pretentious).


Yea, sorry I got nothing. The writer’s block is so real. However, there’s some people who when I’m in their presence, I feel nothing but inspired. Those are the people that make life a little easier. Those are the people that make me smile. Those are the people that make me forget every trouble in my life.

Here are those people:

1. Chris and Aaron

My goodness. I freaking love these two boys. Apparently a lot of you love my cousin Aaron too smh he’s got a girlfriend lmao. ANYWAY…my cousins are amazing. There’s no other two guys that I’d rather have as my body guards. I see them once a summer and I cherish the time we all spend together so much. Chris is the biggest goofball and sweetheart combined. He once almost fought an 8th grader that was mean to us when we were both in 6th grade.19488650_1596632397016304_4780497759803833880_o He’s always there to listen to my boy problems and to give solid, comforting advice. Now on to Aaron: Aaron is another goofball. Okay why tf am I saying goofball like that’s a normal, everyday word I say lmao??? I can’t think of any other word though to describe Aaron. Aaron could make you smile no matter what mood you’re in. His laugh is contagious and he let’s me do dumb things to him like shove a snowball in his face or do his makeup. These boys never conform to what people expect of them; they’re always surprising you and keeping things fun. That’s what I love about them and that’s why I appreciate them. Their spontaneity is refreshing.

2. Tori, Bella & Val 

WILD TIMES. All I gotta say. These girls are the only people who I could fully cry and be a mess around. I’ve been my raw, uncensored self around them and I love that we’re all bonded by the stories we’ve shared. I appreciate the support from each and every one of them always. Tori’s wild, carefree mentality allows my same ol’ stressed-out, anxiety ridden personality to fly free. One moment we could be crying all together and one moment we could be laughing our asses off- there’s no in between. I love the variety though; it keeps things light and freeing. I love these girls all individually all for different reasons. Tori understands me on a deeper level than most people because of how empathetic and understanding she is. I don’t know a single soul who couldn’t relate to and find comfort in Tori. Bella could talk my ear off and I could do the same to her, and we’d listen both the same. We’re constantly learning off of eachother’s experiences, doing crazy shit, and being a second mother when it comes to boys being in our lives. Bella has legit third wheeled with me countless times on dates to get a feel of the guy to make sure he’s a good fit for me. She was right about both lmao. She’s crazy, but I love her. Now on to Val…Val is my twin. Even though we’re both different shades of Mexican, there’s no one else I could relate to more. We have the same humor and that’s pretty much the perfect foundation to a beautiful friendship. I knew as soon as I first talked to her that we’d be good friends and I’m so glad that she is. I appreciate these three girls so, so much.

3. Alyson, Sana & Val 


Now I don’t talk to these girls everyday, but being with them is never quiet lmao. NEVER. Always something going on in someone’s life and the excitement is never-ending. We’re probably the loudest people in any place that we’re at, but that’s okay. We give people stories to tell their families at dinner time. We all have our own lives and sometimes we don’t always have time for eachother, but when we do hangout again it’s as if no time has passed. I’ve known Alyson and Sana long enough to the point where they know too much. I couldn’t be enemies with them because they’ve been through the pubesent days with me. They’ve seen the personal growth and I’ve seen theirs (no, Sana’s butt hasn’t grown bigger oddly enough. Feels though as if it has????). We can tease eachother about anything and it’s all in sisterly fun. No hurt feelings; just a fire come-back. Catch them at my wedding someday forsure.

4. Victoria & Jesus


Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 10.14.18 PM.png

Okay. These two people I’ve had an ongoing Facebook chat with since 7th grade. I think it’s safe to say that these two people will forever be in my lives. Catch us Facebook chatting in year 2032 ranting about our children. I really have no words for how much these two have been there for me. Jesus and I would watch movies together over Skype and try to play them at the same time. He’s seen me go through every guy and I’ve seen him go through the same with girls. Our conversations are filled with advice, rants and screenshots. Jesus is exactly what his name is- this dude is legit Jesus. Now on to Victoria; I saved her last for a reason. I don’t know where I’d be without her. She is the other half of me in Lake Elsinore. Victoria, whether we talk everyday or not, is the kind of person you could be friends with for 8 years and still not be sick of her. She’s ambitious, humble, considerate, and one of the strongest people I know. Everyone get yourself a Victoria as a bestfriend.

Also on a less serious note, shoutout to my co-worker Jenae for buying me Starbucks TWICE. Now THOSE are the kinds of people that make life so much better…so giving and so sweet. God bless her soul lmao.

I’ll be back more often with blogs; I promise this time. I’m forcing myself to stay consistent once and for all. LESSGEDDIT.

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