Summer Pt. 2: It’s been a year!!

Wow, hey! It’s been a while. The very first blog post I wrote was during the first few days of my summer vacation last year. These seasonal blog posts where I kind of just rant about what’s been going on in my life are mainly for me. I can’t even fathom what has happened in my life, good and bad, since that last blog post. It’s insane.

These kind of posts really show me that life is constantly changing (yes, Alyssa, duh. WE GET IT. Nothing stays the same in a year’s time).

BUT DUDE, so much has happened! 

  1. For starters, as if I hadn’t said it enough times on every social media possible, I CAN EAT PEANUTS AGAIN. I’ve had more Snickers within the past 3 weeks than I have had the last 10 years. It’s beautiful.


  1. I can say that I conquered (as in learned to manage) my anxiety- for the most part. I have my days where it feels like I’m spiraling back to my old self-destructive ways lol. Sometimes when I feel even the slightest bit of an anxiety attack coming on I just look at my Lorazepam bottle and just sort of hope I don’t have to take it to be “normal.” However, anxiety doesn’t define me and I realize that. I’m a much more confident, self-aware individual now (thanks to my fidget spinner that has healed me…kidding). I also realize that Lorazepam is a legit drug and it could easily become highly addictive, so I used it sparingly: as a “break in case of emergency” kind of thing. I’m not a drug addict to all family reading this. Don’t worry. Anyway I want to write another serious blog post about this because I didn’t realize how many people actually found comfort in my journey with it, so stay tuned for that.
  2. I FINISHED MY FIRST YEAR OF COLLEGE. WHAT. I met some cool people throughout it: my psychology professor who somehow peed at the same time as me everyday and made awkward small talk as we washed our hands because, yes, we somehow always finished at the same time (???), this one girl who sat next to me in Bio a whole semester and only talked to me the last day of class because she forgot a pencil for the FINAL, and some guy that I met through my friend Bella who calls me “Snacks” because I always had snacks in my bag (huge piece of college advice: keep snacks in your bag). Oh yeah, and to every math teacher that I have had who told me not to call substitution ‘plugging in:’ my calculus professor (granted he was really dorky as is and walked like Mickey Mouse) wrote “plug ’em in” as a step on the board so…
  3. Don’t ask me about my love life. Just don’t lmao. Let’s just skip that one entirely. giphy-facebook_s.jpg
  4. I drove on the freeway for the first time since I got my license. All the way to Berkeley. Okay, I know this one is dumb. I KNOW. “It’s not even that bad” “You just have to be a defensive driver!” “C’mon, you’re really that scared?!” UM, YES. I don’t know what the culprit of my fear is; maybe because many people die horribly on the freeway and in a book I read in Humanities the main character literally dies on the freeway. HMM, yeah no. I’m slowly getting over that fear so don’t be too concerned. I’m a great driver otherwise though; I trust my driving skills, I just don’t trust ya’ll’s lmao.
  5. I finished my first semester and started another with the BEST INTERNSHIP EVER. Being a style guru for CollegeFashionista has been one of the most exciting things. I’m now a social media intern as well and it’s so much fun. I’m going more into depth about this internship in another blog post because a lot of people ask me questions about it. It’s worth signing up for; trust me.
  6. I got walked in on while going to the bathroom (it was a bathroom for both sexes) at school by a BOY. A BOY. I felt like I needed to change my name and move to Mexico after that incident. Really short, awkward exchange of interactions happened that can’t be described. You know those segments at the end of every Teen Magazine where people submit their most embarrassing moments in hopes of making us feel better and the magazine would rate it on an “embarrassing” scale? YEAH, MY SCALE WOULD’VE BEEN OFF THE CHARTS.
  7. I DYED MY HAIR PINK. People asked me why, but I don’t really have an answer. I wanted to; does that suffice your curiosity? lmao. I’m feeling myself and my inner Avril Lavigne is very happy- sorry, I meant my inner Melissa. 19047089_1572821269397417_1515567713_o.jpg

So, that’s how my first year of blogging has gone (can’t wait for what another year of blogging has in store for me…great). Interesting stuff man. I’m so excited to finally have more time to post more frequently. WOOP WOOP.


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