“LiNk IN mY BiO!”

Has anyone felt discouraged lately, or is it just me? Blogging just seems so easy from the outside. Before I started all of this, every fashion blogger made it look so…effortless. You know those girls you see post on Instagram and their whole feed screams “artistic.” Between the aesthetic of their feed and their super cute outfits, it doesn’t seem like a hard job at all. Do you guys know how annoying it is to keep a consistent feed theme?

The thing is, I’m having a really hard time distinguishing my blog from others. What makes me unique? If countless of other people are posting the same posts as me, why should anyone bother reading mine if there are others like it? And that’s not saying those numerous similar posts are bad- they’re really good. Too good. Between the outfit pictures and the wordage of the actual outfit description it just all flows. I’m over here describing outfits like “Uh, I found these pants rolled up in a ball in the corner of my drawer, but they’re really cute so YEAH” and my pictures are of me in front of my freaking closet taken by my sister who I forcibly made my blog photographer LOL.

So, that’s pretty much where I’m at right now. I really like the random blogs that I post about mental health or my weight issues because when people personally message me saying that it made them feel good that someone understood, it means the world. Every time I post about a blog being up on my WordPress through my social media- I CRINGE. I don’t like saying “link in my bio.” To me, it seems like I’m coming off as annoying, arrogant and overbearing. When I see others post the same, I don’t think that of them. SO WHY DO I THINK THIS OF MYSELF UGH. I feel like whenever I post “Link in my bio!” I feel like people are like: “LiNk IN mY BiO!” download

Honestly, I just wanted an excuse to use that meme but it fits the situation perfectly. But maybe there are people who think that to themselves, and that’s okay. Because the support I get from people through personal messages and in person is so encouraging. The other day a high school acquaintance I was never extremely close to but never enemies with neither texted me something along the lines of “Alyssa, you make a bigger impact than you’re aware of, you inspired me and you’re appreciated.” If you’re reading this, then thank you so much and you know who you are!! (side note: she’s actually joining the College Fashionista internship as well, so I’m extremely excited to see what she’ll bring to the table 😊). I cringe also when people mention my blog to me in public. I don’t mean to come off rude at all (it actually makes me really, really happy), but in the moment it just makes me uncomfortable in a way that’s my problem and no one else’s. I just feel like hiding and riping off my face whenever people mention my blog to me; I forget people actually read what I write lol!

I guess the point of this all was that I’ve learned a few things about my blogging style: I’m unique because of the way I write, how “real” I am about certain things, and I’m humble. By that I mean I can admit when other people are better, because there truly are some better bloggers out there; however, that doesn’t make me bad. Just different. Heh, unique *flips hair.* I really like my style of writing because I feel like it’s humerous and quirky. I like to be myself; I don’t like writing formally when I don’t have to. For example: “this blouse pairs impeccably with these trousers in this summer’s daylight! These clothing pieces could be purchased at your local Forever 21.” Whereas I’m over here just being myself, y’know? I guess that’s also why I think I’m real because I don’t put on this “fashion blogger” façade. Yeah, I’m fashionable and I’d really like to think I actually inspire some people’s outfits, but I’m not going to be over here acting like I’m some fashion icon and posting perfectly edited pictures on the ‘gram. Also, again, no shade towards those fashion bloggers who get thousands of views on their posts. I obviously am going through a confidence crisis. Also, I’m only salty I could never actually fit the persona of that kind of cool person. It really isn’t who I am, so I must be true to myself lol. I’ll leave that to them though, and I’ll keep doing quirky ol’ me. 🙂

(If there’s any feedback you’d like to leave for me about my blog, feel free to do so. Please. I could use it).

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