Date Outfit Guide

Ahh. Dating. One word that brings up two very different emotions: tenor orgiphy.gif

This blog post isn’t about the mixed emotions when it comes to dating though (I’ll save that for another day). I feel like I haven’t written a blog post in a while so my writing is a little rusty. I should probably just get to the outfits already before I say something that doesn’t make any sense lol.

Okay, so, these outfits aren’t for “date night.” If your significant other or some guy you’re talking to asks you on a fancy dinner date, it’s kind of obvious what you should wear. You don’t need my help for that, trust me. Pinterest has you covered. Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 7.28.22 PM.png

Like you know the classic go-to “cute outfit” look: basically the Instagram “baddie” look lmao. I DON’t KNOW GUYS. That’s the best way I could describe it, but you all know what I mean. You don’t need my help or advice to put together a cute, fancy outfit. That would be no help anyway; it’d just be pictures of me wearing a nice dress and some heels for every outfit lol…not fun for me. Besides, I want to be helpful. *drumroll* Therefore I present to you three date outfits for the casual date that you don’t want to be too dressed up for (or too dressed down).

Like those dates to just get ice cream, grab lunch or to go walk around the mall ja feel? Although it’s always nice to dress how you would on any normal day to casual dates like that, it’s a date! It’s okay to want to dress up a tad and look pretty, but at the same time you don’t want to be that girl who wears a fur coat and heels just to hacienda lmao. …Or you could. No one is judging. 😂

I’m just going to get right to it because I’ve already rambled for too long.

Outfit #1: Pattern Mixed Outfit


Pattern mixing makes any normal outfit more playful and fun! If my shirt had been a normal white short-sleeve and if my skirt was a solid gray, the outfit would be entirely different. The lace-up chunky heeled shoes is what makes the outfit suitable for a date on any casual day. Sorry, but I am going to include these shoes in probably every look book I do here on my blog lol. Remember: mix patterns to your own liking because it adds personality! This outfit is just super fun, flirty, playful and yet somehow simple. It really is just a top, skirt and shoes guys. Patterns are everything.

Outfit #2: Floral and Ruffles

Flowers are the epitome of romance (okay, obviously there’s more to romance than that but whatever moving on) and ruffles are just cute. So yeah, it just makes sense. Also the fact that the shirt flows in the same way as the skirt is what makes this outfit have the same feel as the above outfit. I would’ve paired this outfit again with my pink heels, but that’s a little obsessive. The white Adidas tone down the girly-ness of the outfit and they tie everything together at the same time.

Outfit #3: Off The Shoulder w/ Neck Scarf (is that what it’s even called? idk)


OKAY GUYS REAL LIFE: I’m obsessed with neck scarves. They’re basically scarves but it’s like a huge pocket square that you tie up around your neck. I think the trend comes from France (idk don’t quote me) but that’s like one of the many city of romances and off the shoulder shirts are flirty too so ayy. The grammar in this blog post, yikes. This outfit is casual enough to be presentable at any casual place, but it also has that “date outfit” vibe. The ripped jeans are just for fun, no intention behind those lol. They are just cute okay. The sandals are also just because they looked good with the outfit. Black shirt with black shoes y’know far from rocket science. Also the sandals are a little too big for me so my pinky toe is hiding lmao it looks like I have 4 toes (WHAT?!). Again with the simple outfit with the detailed touch: a simple black shirt, with jeans & sandals. Bam.




Was this even helpful lmao? Idk probably not but yeah I need to start blogging more. School, work and life has consumed me. I’LL BE BACK MORE OFTEN ONCE THIS SEMESTER IS OVER THOUGH WOOHOO. I’m all over the place mostly because I couldn’t think about anything while writing this but my Biology test coming up soon. Well, I’m out. ✌️


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