300 Writing Prompts pt. 2

I was going to do the prompt that I had mentioned in my last post, but I had a brain fart. I’m just gonna cut to the chase because I feel like my response to this new prompt I chose is probably going to be extremely lengthy (it probably won’t even be long because I’m lazy, and a failure. jk heh). Screenshot_116

Prompt: Write a diary entry, dated 10 years in the future.

Date: March 20th, 2027

It’s almost your 29th birthday woo! I haven’t been able to sleep lately because X has been blasting music at three a.m. That boy is a handful sometimes: just like his father. Speaking of Y, he actually did something truly romantic the other night. Y and I are…what did we used to call it in 2017? Oh yeah. We are #GOALS. Oh god. If X read this he’d be cringing so badly right now. He hates when I bring up times from when I was a teenager and when I try to be hip. Anyway, Y sent the kids to my parent’s house and made a steak dinner for us at home because he knows I’ve been stressed about work. I’ve been styling children models for clothing store magazines, and the ‘go-go-go’ aspect of it has been killing me lately. Y is really proud of me though, and he’s been doing good at work as well.

We struggled money wise for a little after college, but we’re actually making BANK. Like, I don’t even have to think twice when I wanna add a charge for guacamole at Chipotle! Posey and Kiki are still going strong back at my parent’s house; they love X and our newest edition: Z. She’s the sweetest, cutest little girl yet; mostly because she looks more like me. 😉 I love my family of four. I could not be any more happier.

I wish I could go back and tell 18 year-old-me that our life will turn out just fine; she’d really appreciate that. Also, how the hell is my brother 20 already?! Where has the time gone?! He better treat that girlfriend of his right otherwise I’m going to have to have a little talk with him. I, of all people, know what guys were like at 20, and lemme tell ya. I’ll be watching him. Just kidding, that’s creepy. What’s creepy though is that I was looking through old Facebook pictures, and I haven’t aged a bit! I’m still young-looking and gleaming more now than ever! A big LOL to everyone who said I looked 12 when I was 18; looks like these “forever-young” genes have now come in handy.

I haven’t seen my high school best friends in a while, but they’re coming to visit me soon!! Sana has been traveling the world with her new, rich doctor husband, Alyson has been in New York lately hitting up those cute coffee shops and Val almost got arrested for trying to fight the PTA mom; luckily her husband held her back. Speaking of friends, Victoria visited me the other day and flew in to tell me about her latest role she got casted for on Broadway. We all out here doing things lol! I read back on my old blogs from my college years sometimes, and I can’t believe how much has changed.

Well, X and Z are fighting over who’s going to play games on my new IPhone 25. I should go.


This was so weird to write and probably extremely cringeworthy. However, I assume this will be really fun to look back on. If anyone actually reads this, X and Z refer to my future children and Y is my husband. Y better be hot af lmao. Anyway, I’m going to be 19 soon wtf!! 2027 really will come before we know it, wow. Somedays I really wish I was Phil of the Future, or I wish I had a time machine. I really do want to know though if my husband will be hot or not; not that it matters a whole bunch but like- y’know. I should go now because I sound shallow as heck lol. image





One thought on “300 Writing Prompts pt. 2

  1. Tricia says:

    I just got the 300 writing prompts as well. I love them! I don’t think I’ve I done anything so consistently as I have done for this book! I’ve started on a few and as soon as I get my blog revamped, I’ll post my response there too. Great idea and I hope y is hot too, for your sake 🙂

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