300 Writing Prompts (Prompt #1)

I saw this book the other day on social media and an idea struck. The writer’s block that smothers over me time to time is such a drag, so I figured buying a book that gave me 300 ideas would be the perfect solution lol. The number one problem I have when it comes to thinking of ideas is if people would care. Yeah, I understand that this blog is for me and I shouldn’t care what people think in the first place; however, I want to get content out there that’s relevant and relatable. Maybe I’m just a nosey person, but whenever I had found out one of my friends wrote in a diary (or journal if you will) like me, I instantly wanted to just read every page. Of course I’d never ask that, but c’mon. Curiosity gets the best of us; probably the reason why you even read my blog posts in the first place too! 😂

The prompts in this book are very deep and random; they’re kind of like diary entries. I would post actual blogs about my day, but sometimes my days consist of just staying in PJs all day and watching Youtube as clichĂ© as that sounds. My point is that diary-type blog posts just about my day would get boring, so I hope this spices it up. In honor of lazy days, I present to you prompt #1. (Let’s see how long I can actually keep this up. I wonder if I could do all 300 lol).

Prompt #1: What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?

IN PJs. I’m completely fine with looking like a slob for the whole day whereas some people cannot function if their hair isn’t straightened and their makeup isn’t on. I know people who get ready in the morning every. single. day. and when I ask where they’re going they reply “no where.” LIKE WHAAAT?! I’m already going on a tangent though, so I guess I’ll do a play-by-play of an d1ea56a20bbd2635adf47d07946db654Alyssa Lazy day.

So if I have nothing planned I’ll wake up around 9:30 a.m ish, lay in bed & check my phone. If I had posted a picture the night before and fell asleep, I’d usually look through my notifications before unlocking my phone and pretend for like 5 minutes that I’m wildly popular. Seriously though, does anyone know what I’m talking about? When you’re just scrolling and scrolling through Instagram like notifications on your lock screen because you haven’t checked it in a while? LMAO.

Then around 10, I’ll start to get hungry and probably get up to eat. I’m gonna be honest and say if you ask me to hangout on a day I plan on being lazy, chances are I’m going to make up a sorry ass excuse to get out of it lol sorry. I get how there’s those friends that can be in your presence and just chill with you, but then they start talking and being a person that I have to host and tbh that’s too much work. I’d like to consider myself an introvert on the days that are lazy. I don’t want to interact with any living soul unless it’s through social media where I get to choose when I want to reply. And yes, that excludes Facetime. I don’t wanna Facetime either.

I’m allowed to have food in my room as long as I pick it up afterwards, so from about 10-2 I’d be snacking and eating horribly all while in the comfort of my bed. Still in bed and pjs, yep. I don’t want to sound like Jennifer Lawre0d514b45bfd6962f_Food.gifnce though, so I’ll chill after this. My favorite snacks have to be those rainbow M&M chocolate chip cookies and those brownies with little rainbow chocolate drops in them though.

I don’t plan my lazy days by the hour, so this is sort of unaccurate. Actually extremely unaccurate haha. A perfect lazy day to me is not having to worry about what time it is and being able to just cuddle in a ball on my bed with my laptop nearby. I love to spend my lazy days pretending I dont have any worries nor responsibilities. Probably playing Sims 3 as well. Or Rollercoaster Tycoon if I could find the damn CD. God bless my hella long Amazon IPhone charger for making lazy days laying on either side of my body possible <3. I spent like 5 sentences talking about how these prompts are deep and here I am inserting gifs and pictures of food lol. The next one though is gonna be interesting:

“Have you ever spoken up when you saw something going on that was wrong? Were you scared? What ended up happening?”

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 2.37.32 PM.png


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