Dress How You Feel

If you listen closely you’ll hear whispers of “stressed, depressed but well dressed” being chanted by a girl decked out in all-black with a Starbucks Frap in her hand, taking a selfie with another (yes, with the dog filter too) all while she’s writing a tweet about how school has her as dead as she is on the inside.


Ok, no. I cringed just writing that lol. I get it; all-black outfits portray how you feel on the inside, are cool looking, and convenient (you don’t have to worry about stains showing…other than deodorant stains smh this is why we can’t have nice things) ANYWAY, I get it. We all get it. That’s why it’s so popular nowadays; however, we have to all stop pretending we’re depressed 24/7 just to justify the fact that we were honestly too lazy to find anything other than the usual black leggings. Guys. Guess what! IT’S OKAY TO BE HAPPY SOMETIMES AND SHOW THAT YOU ARE LOL. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely bashing the all-black outfit trend; it’s great: some black booties, black jeans & a silk, black tank. Um, yes. That’s not all that there is though, so I’m going to show you how to dress on those days that you feel vibrant, colorful and like you’re walking on sunshine. I want to see more Harpers in this world dammit hahah.

I got the inspiration for these two outfits while working. I work at Plato’s Closet, and if you don’t know what that is it’s basically a trendy, current-style Goodwill. For days I saw people overlooking these really cute yellow sandals and this really cute pastel yellow, cropped sweater. People would grab them, look at it, and continue on with their normal colored items. They were scared of them; it’s not that they were completely ugly. They were scared of them because what average person knows how to wear a color as vibrant as yellow and pull it off? Not many. Here are a few examples of people who KILLED it in yellow.

So now here’s me, attempting to pull it off as well as they did lmao.

Outfit 1:

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I could’ve easily paired this with jeans but that’s boring in my terms. I thought I’d keep the pastel theme and pair the sweater with my baby/pastel pink shoes that I’m in love with if you couldn’t tell. For the skirt, I stuck to floral because it’s me and what else would I do lol. No, but really, the flowers in this skirt have like specs of yellow and pink so it ties it all together perfectly. This outfit reminds me of strawberry lemonade to be honest.

Outfit 2:

This skirt was another item people just tried on constantly but no one ever bought it and I’m like what!!! But anyway yeah, these are the yellow sandals. Aren’t they super cute!! They kind of look like those jelly shoes mixed with like a latin feel ya feel me? lol. Again, I took colors from the skirt to make sure the outfit all flowed together. Knowing what colors look good together, even if your outfit is simple, will forever change your outfits. Even if you don’t know what colors look good together, most clothing pieces that have more than one color most likely are those colors because they look good togetherrrrrrrrr, girl it’s a whole lot more simpler than you think.

As always thank you guys so much for taking the time out of your day to read my blog posts or even mention it to me in person. It really means a lot and makes me feel like I’m doing something good. I was looking through old emails the other day and apparently I had sent a massive group email in 5th grade of a link to a blog that I had made lmao. It was password protected though and I cannot remember the password for the life of me but I am determined to figure it out. Stay tuned…


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