February Mood Board

Every month, College Fashionista, releases a mood board for the given month onto their Pinterest (@cfashionista). Since it’s February, I was instantly inspired by all the pretty pinks and romance feels. I decided that it’d be really fun to create looks based/inspired off of some pictures that are a part of the mood board…so here they are eep:

P.S. HUGE thanks to Ryan Reichert who was the genius behind the lens. His photography is amazing! Go check it out at: www.ryanreichert.me/ and on Instagram @ryanr94

  1. Photo Inspo:

    I was instantly inspired by the combination of the pink flowers and the dark, hot pink color of the nails and lips. I’m usually not a fan of shirts that have cheesy statements plastered on them like Forever 21’s “Boys SUCK” and “Forever alone” lol, but something aboutaa 6.1.jpg this shirt screamed February to me. Hmm. Wonder why. I paired the shirt with a white collared shirt underneath to give it an extra touch. Don’t mind my statement necklace that decided it wanted to flip over on one side, but I feel like this necklace completed my look. My top half had a lot going on, so I paired it with a simple jean a-line zipper skirt. Damn, that’s a lot of adjectives lol. I also kept it simple with the shoes and stuck to my trusting Steve Madden booties- a classic.





2. Photo Inspo:

I saw these photo inspirations and instantly thought soft, pink sweater and a feminine watch…so that’s exactly what I put together lol. There’s not much thought process to it; if something works and looks cute together why try to make it different! It’s okay to stick to the classics someaa 2.1.jpgtimes. However I had to incorporate something floral in there otherwise it wouldn’t be me. I paired the outfit with some flirt, lace-up baby pink Steve Madden heels. Another sentence full of adjectives, oops. BY THE WAY, I DYED MY HAIR GUYS AND I LOVE IT. This bag looks expensive… but it was actually from Target AYY.







3.  Photo Inspo:

For this outfit, I was inspired by the softness of the pink smoke and the blanket. These pictures both have very simplistic, cozy feels. I loved the baby pink color both pictures have so I brought in my baby pink paa 5.1.jpgants. I decided to add in some hoop earrings because why not lol. I don’t usually wear them, but I feel like they really completed this look. For this look I had strappy sandals that match the brown of my belt. I also added in the Kate Spade watch for this look as well. The outfit overal I feel like is very difused and romantic; which is the feel that the inspo pictures give off.








I don’t know how to end this, so I’ll do another gif exit.



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