Proud To Be a Woman

This is going to be a short and sweet blog post. What? Alyssa being brief? Is the sky falling? (WELL, Donald Trump is our president). aeae42ad3dea55e8c9c575123784c971_memes-de-donald-trump-memes-donald-trump_1920-1080.jpeg

LOL anyway, I don’t know if this makes me weird but that picture makes me crave an elote.

The point of this is that I just wanted to say I’ve been proud to be a girl before, but I have never been as proud as I am to be a girl today: a nasty woman if you prefer. I’m a woman with dreams and dedication. I am not more than a man, but we are equal. Today I had a phone interview with a company I really hope to work with and she told me: “I feel like I should warn you, but I don’t know what it is lately but there’s been a lot of men that have come in here to harass our employees because they know we’re mostly women. Would you feel comfortable speaking up if an uncomfortable encounter were to happen to you?”

HELL to the YES I’d feel comfortable, because FUCK that (don’t excuse my french. My use of cuss words for the sake of passion doesn’t make me a trashy woman. I’m not here to sit still and look pretty). Women are told that if we dress a certain way or if we attract a man sexually that they “can’t help themselves” that it is our faults. You don’t need me to tell you that though; the evidence lies within any rape case where the victim was blamed and shamed.

I will not let a man who feels like they are superior and feel as if I owe them something make me (and women in general) feel like a piece of meat. So with that being said, Donald Trump I thank you. You actually united women all over the U.S. today with your hate in a way I’m glad I was alive for.

(Disclaimer: I feel like some men take offense when women speak out about feminism, but don’t take this personal. I feel like I really shouldn’t have to be explaining myself right now lol).

Now a few songs that make me feel badass right now lol:





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