Why I’m Awesome

I’ve been having kind of a self-identity crisis lately. I know who I am and the kind of person I want to be someday to an extent, but what makes me any different from the next average 18-year-old girl? What makes me special if we’re all special somehow in our own way? Those are rhetorical questions; not questions meant for my family to answer to boost my ego by the way lmao.

Some days I see myself as an awesome human being, and some days I see it the other way around. There’s no problem in being able to see the flaws in myself; the problem lies in the fact that I believe the truth of those flaws so much that I don’t ever do anything to change it. I think to myself: “Well, if that’s who I am, that’s who I am” y’know? It’s okay to have bad days and to think I am horrible person on certain occasions; that’s how we are all able to grow as human beings. We grow when we are able to see the flaws in our personality and are able to improve them. However, my problem runs much deeper than that.

I have one bad day and my mind starts to conjure up every reason why I’m a horrible daughter, friend, sister…the list goes on. I know I am not alone when it comes to this. One negative thought leads to another and soon I’m 100% convinced that I suck at writing, I’m unoriginal, and my sense of style isn’t really all that cool. Instead of using those negative thoughts to better myself and improve, I do the opposite. I dwell on them, and I convince myself that there’s nothing I can do about the “truth.”

I’m writing this blog today not because I need a myriad of comments explaining why I’m awesome, but because I can look back at this post when I am having ‘one of those days.’ This will help me to remind myself who I truly am. Sure…I could write this on some Pinterest/Tumblr inspired mood board and hang it in my room, but I want people who have bad days (the whole freaking human population) to know that you are awesome as well even on days that you think you are not.

The negative thoughts I have about who I am on bad days do not define who I am; they define what parts of my personality I could improve on or make better. Therefore, I am going to write every reason I could think of that I believe makes me pretty freaking AWESOME.

  1. I am a great listener (Meaning I don’t boast about my super, amazing life and all the great things that have happened to me when someone is venting to me about the hard time they’re having in their life).
  2. I am thoughtful.
  3. I have a great sense of style.
  4. I am really good at creative writing.
  5. I am funny.
  6. I am such a joy to be around because I always make sure everyone is included.
  7. I am loving and forgiving.
  8. I am supportive.
  9. I am charismatic.
  10. I have a sense of humor.
  11. I am respectful.
  12. My hair is like really, really soft despite how many times I’ve dyed it LOL
  13. I can laugh at myself.
  14. I am beautiful with or without makeup.
  15. I am a trend setter.
  16. I am determined.
  17. I am everything a bestfriend should be.
  18. I am book AND street smart.
  19. I have big, brown eyes and a dimple to match that makes me adorable and loveable. *hair flip*
  20.  I am me.

I believe I wouldn’t be the humble person that I truly am if I did not at least include a few of my flaws as well. But I assume if you dislike me and you read that list, you probably thought of some of your own for me and that’s okay 🙂 I have my flaws and I know that, but this blog is literally titled “Why I’m Awesome” so…lol. The fact that I can acknowledge what I need to improve on as a person makes me even more awesome for the record ;). I know that I am not the only person in the world who has these qualities, but I am unique because I have a special quality that no one else has. I am Alyssa freaking Arriaga. No one else can be that. Except this girl.



I encourage you all to remember why you’re awesome as well. Also, I hope everyone has a beautiful 2017; live it to its fullest <3.



2 thoughts on “Why I’m Awesome

  1. Ethan Olson says:

    This post is pretty encouraging, I can fully relate to how you feel about yourself at times. One bad event, no matter how minuscule it is, can completely ruin my day and mood.

    I’ve come to learn that self identity issues tend to originate from our point of view of ourselves. Yes we can get praise, affection and gratitude from friends and families, but unless we can receive all those qualities from within (Yourself), we cannot learn how to not let small things bother us. It’s all about self worth. Only we can provide true happiness; no other being can give it to us. If we can’t be happy with ourselves, then any happiness we receive from others is naught.

    I know that I’m a complete stranger and just happened to come by your blog, but I find it encouraging that some one out there is experiencing the same issues I am and writing about it. Keep doing what you are doing!

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