I Survived

Yes, I survived. I thought I wasn’t going to make it; I had a few panic attacks here and there. Talk about countless nights of little to no sleep: that was me. My emotions were all over the place, and I thought I couldn’t keep myself together. I displaced my anger and attitude on people I shouldn’t have while going through this difficult time. My world was crumbling beneath my feet; it felt like I was walking on broken glass or really, really hard Legos. Yeah, definitely Legos; those suckers HURT. I survived though.

Was it the end of the world?


Did it feel like it?


*In the Arms of an Angel stops playing*

I’m talking about the glorious six letter word, and yes, my brain is so fried that I had to count to make sure that there are indeed six letters in the word ‘finals.’ Turns out finals are not the end of the world though, and you will live through it. GO FIGURE! However, I’m not saying finals are easy. I’m just saying that there’s people who actually feel this way when finals come around (me, myself and I included), and I completely understand where they’re coming from. Grades are extremely important and even more important to some parents (*cough cough* lay off your children’s backs; they’re only human). Finals are a horrible stressor in anyone’s life whether they’re in high school still, community college, or some fancy Ivy League school. Unfortunately, finals must continue to take place as horrid as they are. But as I said before, we are only human. We can only try our best and go from there. We’re all in this together…

*cue happy High School Musical music*

I’m going to stop lecturing though. However, I’m not going to lie and I say I didn’t have a panic attack right before my math final yesterday because I totally did lmao.

Then there’s the other extreme…

There’s the students who just can’t seem to take finals seriously, and I really want to know where they established that care free attitude and if they could spare some to any normal human being. We, as students, must learn to find a happy medium: a chill, but still concerned about passing the class medium. An ‘I’m beyond stressed and I have six new pimples, but it’s okay and life will go on and I will be on winter break soon’ medium. Sounds easier said than done; I know.

There’s no special potion or magic trick to endure the atrociousness of finals week, so the only advice I could give is to just focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m convinced there is no universal piece of advice that helps everyone during finals, because everyone is different and must find what works for them. Just think about this: it’s the holiday season. To all my Christmas peeps out there, it’s coming at us fast. After all this stress, you will be at home in your pjs enjoying your break; that is until it’s the night before you go back to school and you start doing all the break homework you were supposed to do periodically but never got around to. So now you’re so stressed that you’re mentally going wacko scrolling through Twitter the night before desperately reading anyone’s tweets who could remotely relate to your stress because relating to someone makes everything better. Then you get a good laugh while doing so because the night before going back to school after a break, this will inevitably somehow end up on your timeline:



I get it guys; finals are really stressful. However, sometimes good things happen that completely distract you from how mentally unstable you are during finals week. I know finals at different schools happen at different times, but this time of the year is generally finals time. Therefore, I will be hosting a giveaway that will start TODAY and end on December 22nd at 5 p.m. (Pacific Time Zone). I know it’s not much compared to all these other cool giveaways, but still guys…it’s FREE stuff. A winner will be chosen at the end date, and I will contact them and get their address blah blah ordinary stuff. 

You only have to do ONE thing:

  1. Share my blog link on either Twitter, Instagram or Facebook! Tag me in it (@alyssaaestrella is my username for both Instagram and Twitter; Alyssa Arriaga on Facebook) and hashtag it #alyssasfinalsgiveaway 


Enter the giveaway because you really have nothing to lose. 💃

Giveaway contents:

  • Dry shampoo- girl, that’s a finals week essential. No one has time to shower when there’s studying to do. It’s gross, but OH WELL.
  • EOS hand lotion- it just smells good, okay.
  • Oil blotting sheets- because when you’re stressing about your math final, you’re going to need a little help with the oils producing at a rapid rate.
  • gum- because chewing gum really helps when you’re anxious and/or nervous.
  • Garnier Micellar Cleansing water- I’ve just heard really good things about this. Also, if finals week is prime breakout time then you’re gonna need a really good product to wash out your makeup so those pores can breathe girl.
  • Maroon gloves- the color didn’t show up well at all, but they’re so cute and touch screen compatible. It’s getting colder out and it’s hard to look cute, but throw on maroon gloves with a cute brown winter jacket with some combat boots & fuzzy socks and you’ll look stylish af. That run-on gave me angina, but I don’t feel like fixing it.
  • TWO NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks (Exotic & Bedtime Flirt)-this line is by far one of the best drug store liquid lipsticks I have ever used. They’re not drying, the colors are pigmented..they’re just amazing okay. QUICK TIP: wearing minimal makeup is easy to do during finals week if you’re one of the few that do choose to put in the effort, but wearing a pretty lippie will have everyone thinking you actually spent more time on your look.
  • Felt Tip Eyeliner- felt tip eyeliners are really, really easy to work with when it comes to wings especially. This eyeliner in particular is super pigmented and has a matte/satin finish, so if you’re running late to your first final adding a line on your eyelid while in the parking lot isn’t going to be a big, impossible deal.

So yeah, that’s everything. 🙂 HAPPY FINALS EVERYONE AND GOOD LUCK 💖



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