The featured picture is of my uncle falling off a play structure like 6 years ago LOL. Ha, get it, because it’s Fall and all. I remember being so excited because I caught it at the exact moment. Anyway, his birthday just passed. HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY YVAN!

This is about what I’d wear during Fall though; not about my uncle falling off play structures. Don’t worry.

*Disclaimer: Fall, here in California, is so, so weird. It’s nearly freezing in the morning and by the end of the day it’s like 82 degrees. Of course if you live here, you know that. Also if you know me, you also know that I stray from “basic” outfits as much as I can. I like to think I’m unique when it comes to my fashion, but if you’re looking for basic fall outfit inspirations then head to Pinterest lol. 

Outfit #1:

How hypocriticalfall.jpg of me to say I stray from basic outfits yet my first outfit consists of a green jacket lol. You can only stray so far, but the basics will always be necessities. I LOVE this one so much.

That floral thing I’m wearing is basically a crossover of overalls and a pinafore. I feel like the thing that makes this outfit not basic is this piece itself. It was all lonesome at Forever 21 possibly because by itself it doesn’t look very cute. I wore a black shirt underneath it and called it a day.

*TIP: Sometimes wearing short things like this could be cold in the morning, but if you wear jeans it’s too hot by the end of the day, right? Well, just wear those sheer tights; it gives the outfit a fall vibe without even trying and they block the wind in the morning enough for it to be bearable. Also if you’re too lazy to shave your legs during the Fall like me then this hides all those prickles #convenient lmao. 

Outfit #2:


I love these rainboots so much! I bought these back when I actually had money and it broke my bank lol. Fall is mainly about layering because of how bipolar the weather is so this outfit is great. The striped shirt is actually a shirt on its own and the cream-colored shirt is just over the top. I just noticed how pissed I look in all of these pictures but I ain’t no model. I’m just here to show the outfits. I literally beg my sister to take these for me lmao.

*TIP: If you feel like an outfit is a little too basic for your taste, just add a pop of color. The rainboots are a perfect example and there’s a lot of inexpensive options out there. I brought the blue in my shoes back into the outfit through my scarf so it’s like a nice blend. 

Outfit #3:

casual.jpg This hat is my ultimate go-to Fall hat. It’s so freaking vintage and cute. I will legit find any reason to wear this hat in any season. I’ve also had the shoes I’m wearing since Freshmen year and I hope I never outgrow them. Now that I think about it, this outfit is pretty basic too but I really was not feeling super creative. As long as you look like you could blend into the ground with the leaves like here, you’re doing something right.

*TIP: Not everyone has the money to buy a complete separate wardrobe when Fall comes around so the best thing to do is use your pieces from other seasons in your outfits. Like in this outfit, I’m actually wearing a romper with a sweater over the top. The shorts have cute little pom-pom detailing at the bottom that’s not showing ugh. Basically, it gives the outfit a nice touch and adds extra warmth under the sweater considering knit sweaters let in SO. MUCH. WIND. 


Outfit #4:
This outfit is mainly for the days when yououtthere.jpg check the weather and it says 86 and you’re like WTF. This outfit is kind of the same idea as the sheer tights except the sheer part IS YOUR SHIRT BAM. Completely airy and when I bought the shirt I envisioned this outfit basically. The blue overall shorts are from Urban Outfitters and it compliments this floral sheer bodycon shirt so perfectly. I’m just wearing basic (of course) black booties with it but we don’t need anymore excitement in this outfit.

*TIP: I mean, I guess this is kind of common sense but I couldn’t think of anything else. My rule of thumb during the Fall is: if you’re wearing shorts, a skirt, overall shorts, etc you probably want to wear a long sleeve to balance it out and vice versa. If you’re wearing something short-sleeved, you’re probably going to want to wear some jeans or something lol. Just putting that out there just so no one freezes or overheats in the Fall. But, #ahoenevergetscold

Outfit #5:

I have major RBF in this picture, but let’s just look past it. Here, again, I’m adding that pop of color to make the outfit more unique. Wow, I never realize how much floral I wear until I do one of these blog posts about my outfits lol…Oops. Anyway, these shoes are Nike Air Maxes and everyone always asks me where I got them from but I honestly have no idea because they were a gift. This outfit is when you want to look lazy, yet put together.

*TIP: If you’re planning on wearing sweats (me everyday lately), then it’s recommended/best to wear a fitted shirt. Of course no one is going to judge you if you’re wearing a baggy shirt and baggy sweats because that’s totally me, but if you want to look put together and have your outfit say, “I totally tried but I really didn’t” then y’know. Also, stripes and patterns look amazing together. 

Outfit #6:


By far THE. BEST. OUTFIT. EVER. There’s no doubt about it; this outfit is freaking comfortable. I’ve always been the kind of girl who enjoys getting ready and picking out outfits and such, but lately I am just so lazy. I had the sudden realization that I need to chill because it’s just school. The only downside of this though is that it makes me sleepier in class.

*TIP: Regular socks and fuzzy socks are cool and all, but that’s the thing…THEY’RE COOL AS IN COLD. Maybe it’s because my feet are always cold anyways but even fuzzy socks can’t keep my feet warm. My family and I snowboard so we have snowboarding socks; they’re heaven-sent. Get yourself some snowboarding socks from REI or something!! Who cares if they’re cute or not lmao.


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