Catching Up

While I thought about what I was going to write, I figured no one really cares LOL. I’ve come to the conclusion though that because I haven’t written a post in a while I might as well continue with this anyway.


Well, where do I start hmm…For the most part I’ve just been focusing on school and such. I have an amazing boyfriend who randomly sends me pictures of brown pandas and his dog so I guess you can say I’m in love lmao. This stuff is so basic though and like I said, no one really cares. I don’t want to be that girl who makes their life sound amazing and like I’m sooo much better than you because to be honest I’ve been in the same baggy PJ shirt this whole weekend. I only changed my shirt to take this cover picture because a girl wanted to feel cute, okay?

I was walking my dogs the other day and my puppy, Kiki, doesn’t walk; she runs. So while I’m running and cursing myself because I should’ve used one of those retractable leashes that let her go as far as she wants I realized I was way out of shape. I know when my dad reads this he’ll go, “You walk her. She doesn’t walk you!!” But like, that girl can RUN. It’s hard and I have noodle arms. Anyway, so I’m running and I immediately feel nauseous. NAUSEOUS LIKE WTF. I haven’t ran a legit mile since the first semester of my Junior year. I haven’t ran for fun outside of school since Sophomore year I’m pretty sure. THAT’S SO SAD LMAO. Not only am I extremely out of shape but I am also extremely emotional, oh gosh girl lemme tell you about this…

**This next part contains spoilers of the Walking Dead, Jane The Virgin and Crazy Ex Girlfriend so if you’re not caught up don’t read this part.

So I’m catching up with all my shows one day and all three of them managaed to make me cry in one way, shape or form. It started with the Walking Dead and of course that got me in the heart REAL good. I genuinely felt like I was under a grey cloud and like I was in one of those depression medicine commercials.1E29Mk.gif Like how the hell is Glenn capable of surving THIS but the way he goes out is by some jackass. I’m p i s s e d to say the least. That was depressing me though so I moved on to Jane the Virgin and GET THIS the GUY SHE JUST MARRIED LITERALLY THE DAY BEFORE GETS SHOT IN THE CHEST. Honestly that episode made me Team Michael all the way. Thank god he survived that because I don’t know if I could’ve handled that many fictional characters’ deaths in one day. I was like alright, okay, I’m cool but I still could see Glenn’s blasted brains in my mind and Maggie’s reaction so I carried on to Crazy Ex Girlfriend (which is extremely underrated!!!) I honestly forgot why that made me cry but just trust me- it was sad. It’s also very much worth the watch.

So, what have you guys learned? Basically that I’m extremely emotional and out of shape. Sounds about right. At least I ain’t no cheater like that one penguin. She’s dead to me. 

OH, get this! Not only am I that but I am also apparently the age of 49 mentally according to an online test. Not like I’m listening to the Jonas Brothers right now or anything though.

Sorry about this blog post; it’s all over the place oops. I had to clean up my dogs’ poop the other day because they’ve been chilling in the garage. It was horrible; beyond horrible. It was so bad that my sister and I were gagging just going near it so we had to think of something. FullSizeRender.jpgWe ended up taping Downy dryer sheets over our faces so they looked like this. It worked so well so if you ever have dirty work to do like that I highly suggest it LOL. Whether it be picking up dog diarrhea or kissing a boy who doesn’t know what Listerine is.

I figured sharing my random thoughts was a better way to catch up with family and friends than give any personal information or such. If you started reading this thinking I was gonna pour out my life story… sorry lol. There’s a whole lot more I could write because my thoughts are always everywhere but this post is long enough as it is. So until next time…tumblr_mxx24a7wMc1qa3pfso1_400.gif




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