Pretty Little Liars Style Guide

I was supposed to do this back when the season ended a billion weeks ago so that way it would actually make sense lol. OH WELL. Better late than never 🙂

Life has been too hectic and busy lately to write a blog post. Not that I’m absolutely booked up 24/7 but you get what I mean. When I’m not doing homework or studying, I’d rather spend it watching YouTube. 😂 So yeah, I’m a busy woman alright?


I like doing these fashion posts and I figured this would be a cool idea. Disclaimer: this is just my take on their style; how you interpret their style could be in a whole other way. I obviously also don’t own the exact pieces they wear but I made it work. Also, has anyone else noticed my grammar is better in this post? Heh, I’m in the school mode again and I’m actually conscious of my comma use lol. I don’t have a clever transition to move into the actual outfits so I’m just gonna dive in. AvrYwUF.gif



I don’t know if any of you watch the show or anything but if you’re reading this you probably do right? Duh, logic. Anyway, most of you know the essence of Aria’s style. Although shAria Reference.jpge may have some interesting jewelry choices, her style is one of my favorites fictional character wise. She has a girly edgy vibe and plays around a lot with patterns; Sometimes all at once lmao.
She generally wears higher necklines and pairs it with jackets. Well, she doesn’t pair it; the show’s stylist does lol but you get it. Ah, dream job though.


This is what I came up with: 


Stripes pair well with almost any pattern tbh


I think we’ve all established modeling clothes isn’t my thing. Do you know how many times I’ve bugged my sister to retake the picture once I saw how awkward I look in it? 😂 It’s not as easy as it looks to “act natural.” emily-referenceAnyway, Emily is the tomboy of the group. She keeps it casual and it was the easiest to find an outfit that matched her usual style. I feel like I don’t really have to explain this one much, but basically she wears flannels a lot and every episode now and then she spices it up with a skirt or some colored pants. She wears denim jackets a lot like Aria, but they’re styled on her differently. Most of the time it’s paired with a graphic tee of the sorts.

This is what I came up with: 

I took this the other day when it was scorching outside so that was fun 🙂


Spencer’s style is two things: studious and preppy. She kind of has two looks. Like the Oxford, jean & collared shirt look or the vintage preppy dress look…ja feel? She basically looks like she’s going to go spencer-referencehorse riding all the time. So if you have rider boots and a blazer you’re like practically there. I also don’t have that exact hat, but any floppy vintage hat essentially captures her aesthetic in this picture. The outfit I chose for her isn’t my favorite at all. I feel like there’s too many different colored browns and the underskirt of the dress I’m wearing was being dumb. Also, these were taken in my front yard and this random guy kept staring; hence the awkward “um can you not look at me” face.

This is what I came up with: 


Seriously though, if anyone has some tricks to get some hair volume hit ya girl up lol.


Hanna’s style is the most elegant and sophisticated. She also often wears blazers, but in a different way than Spencer; such as Emily & Aria do. hanna-referenceShe wears a lot of skirts is what I got from watching the show. If it’s not a skirt, it’s structured shorts or stylish jeans with heels. Hanna also likes pops of colors and elegant simplicity. Notice how she’s only wearing black shorts, a white tank top & a blazer but it still screams Hanna. She dresses like professional women do, no matter where she’s going. Although, she does have an alluring aesthetic when it comes to her style. This one was also difficult, but I tried lol.


This is what I came up with: 


Most (more like all) of these girls ALWAYS wear heels, but does it look like I wanna put on heels for fun and then walk on grass? The answer is no.


If you have had the patience to still watch Pretty Little Liars after how long it took for them to reveal who A was, then I’m assuming you’ve made it this far in the blog as well lmao. Thank you 🙂


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