Why I Chose Community College

Let me just start this off with the statement that no, I did not slack off during high school and I am for sure not lost potential lmao.

In my 4 years at Dublin High, I did nothing but try my best. I know what I’m capable of and I’m a smart girl. I’m not ashamed to say I’m going to community college.

This is how the story usually goes: people spend all of senior year and junior year prepping for college and completing applications; hoping not to miss any due dates and not having a panic attack at the same time. Oh yeah, and don’t forget about the SAT’s and ACT’s. Eventually people start to get accepted into colleges, but everyone has their number one choice in mind. Everyone wants to go to a good college because it’s highly praised in this society. Not only that, but everyone also wants to make a lot of money. So anyway, after people start getting accepted they start to get excited and relieved (more so the parents because now they get to brag on Facebook lol). They start buying the college gear and parents start making college announcements just to show off to distant family members (that they probably don’t even talk to anymore) that hey! THEIR KID IS GOING TO THIS COLLEGE AND YOUR KID SUCKS, basically. Don’t get meIMG_6243 wrong…nothing wrong with being proud, especially if they get accepted into Harvard like damn. If my child ever did that I’d get a tattoo lol! I realized I spelt “Mu” instead of “My” after I already saved it, but I’m too lazy to change it. Let’s just pretend I didn’t make a typo :).  But this is all just the alternative to how my story would’ve gone. 

To answer it short and sweet, I chose community college because I wanted to save money and my sanity. I, of course, chose DVC because Las Po would have just been a DHS pt. 2 and I wanted to meet new people. Not only will I be saving money, but I will also be in smaller classes which will prep me even more for the real deal when I transfer after two years. I have more time to narrow down my major and most people have to decide ASAP otherwise they’d be wasting money. The classes are more intimate and just because it’s community college doesn’t mean I won’t make new friends. I didn’t spend my senior year stressing and honestly I was a TA junior year chilling rather than racking up the AP classes and studying for the SAT and ACT. My transcript was “good enough” to be accepted into college, but I don’t want to go to just any college. I want to go to my first choice (and sadly to do that I would have had to bust my ass off 150% starting Freshmen year to go to anywhere really amazing and highly credible). I don’t want to settle and if that means I have to sacrifice just two years of general ed at a community college, I will do that. When I transfer, my degree at the end of it will be the same worth as someone who was there at the beginning. The difference? I took the smart, inexpensive way and I actually had time to be a teenager in high school. The last couple months of high school felt like, if you weren’t going straight to a “real” college right away you got the half supportive, “good for you!”

Support is a big factor in this. My parents not only supported me in this decision, but they’re the ones who brought it up in the first place. My dad, to this day, is still paying off his student loans and he’s 37. He has a quality paying job and yet the bills keep rolling in from college years ago. I am getting the same general ed education as someone who’s going to idk Yale FOR A FRACTION OF THE PRICE. I believe a lot of parents, especially the ones who force certain job fields and grade expectations on their children, should be educated on this alternative. It’s all about watching the credits making sure they’re transferable. In fact, DVC has a program (I don’t even know what it’s called, but it’s real I swear lol) that apparently could guarantee you admission to CAL Berkley or UC Davis. I’m not sure which college it is, but hey! They’re both amazing schools!!!

Before I started classes at DVC, we had to take a two-hour counseling class where one counselor helps you plan out your future there so you can be eligible to transfer ASAP. She said that many colleges that transfer students have applied to, say that transfer students perform better and are a whole lot more prepared. Not only that, but I just don’t see the point in spending hella money on tuition for a so-so college just to say I lived in a dorm and joined a sorority. I know that was a messy sentence, I’m aware. It’s just the people who believe that going straight to a “real” college is the only way to succeed just annoy the hell out of me and I lose my train of thought and just ramble like I am now 😅. There’s plenty of people who went straight to a “real” college and are in a lot of debt that have a mediocre job that someone with very little education could’ve gotten. Either that or they’re unemployed.

By the way, the featured picture is me at DVC in Pleasant Hill at the Day Care Center 🙂 I made a full circle lol.

DISCLAIMER: Community college, although it seems like the easy/smart alternative, still takes a lot of work and dedication to make sure you’re on track with credits and such. You still have to be diligent and hardworking. There’s no “half-ass” way. Also, this wasn’t meant to offend anyone!!!!! I am so, so proud of my friends who are going away and have the courage to leave their dogs behind (lowkey the main reason why I didn’t go straight to a UC or CSU lol jk).There’s negatives and positives to every option, and pretty much everything in life. This is just the option that was better for me and I was getting tired of people thinking of me as a high school fuck up after telling them I was going to a community college. That is all, thanks 🙂



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