Inner Beauty

I know you probably read the title and rolled your eyes because whenever this is talked about it’s always extremely cliché. Always something along the lines of “it’s what’s inside that counts <3” Lol. Like, okay, we get it.

Don’t get me wrong, of course doing good/thoughtful deeds makes you a beautiful person. A great personality mixed with self-respect will radiate beauty to many. But, some days we all just want to feel cute and “slay people’s lives” as many middle schoolers would say. Lmao you feel me? We all just want to look in the mirror and be like “dang, yeah, that’s me.” Although, in a society with so many beauty standards, it’s hard to feel that good about yourself some days. By ‘some days’ I mean specifically the awkward, early teen years we were all once too familiar with.

We all know we don’t need to live up to anyone’s expectations. It’s taught that everyone should love themselves for who they are and I couldn’t agree more. But, sometimes people need to learn that lesson by uncovering their inner feisty “I’m perfect the way I am” ego and unleashing it outwardly. Ironically, a tool that could uncover this hidden confidence is makeup. The confidence is already there, it just needs a little boost for it to be fully present. Some people may say using makeup makes people look completely different from how they did originally and that’s not really loving yourself, but that’s not true. When it’s used to accentuate beauty that is already there, it does just the trick.

I’ve loved makeup for as long as I could remember, lol see the picture and that smile.Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 9.27.59 PM.png My mom never let me use it until I was old enough of course, but it was always something I loved to play with. Recently, my sister had two friends over: Skylar and Riley. I had asked if I could do their makeup and they let me. I wanted to test my theory if makeup really could unleash already present, inner confidence. They’re both beautiful girls without it, let me just start with that. Beautiful and unique in their own ways.

Meet Riley before her makeover. She’s an incoming freshmen and is taller than me (lol not unusual or uncommon).



…and now meet Riley after her makeover. Still the same Riley, just now with a confident “model” pout and smokey eyeshadow that compliments her hazel eyes. Notice I said compliment, not change. In the picture before you probably couldn’t notice at first the beauty her eyes held within. Like seriously, I’m envious lol. When she first looked in the mirror you could tell that she felt amazing inside. If she felt good before, she was feeling great now. The thing is, that confidence was there all along.




Now meet pre-makeover, stunning Skylar. She’s the same age as Riley and I’m pretty sure taller than me as well, nice lmao.



…and after makeover Skylar! Still just as beautiful, it’s just that her unique features are now accentuated for the world to see and adore. One look in the mirror and she said she couldn’t believe it was her. Not because she looked different, but because she couldn’t believe she was that beautiful person she saw in the mirror all along. Her inside beauty gleamed on the outside as it should always…makeup or not.



And finally meet my sister! Her name is Cynthia and yes, she’s taller than me too. *tear* This is her glorious self before the makeup.



…and this is after the makeover. Perfect brows even before and after! I accentuated her tan skin with a warm maroon/magenta-ish lip and it was the perfect match. She looks radiant! Also, she’s wearing my sophomore year homecoming dress and I must say, we both wear that dress well. *hair flip*



Basically, what I’m saying is that makeup unleashed the beauty these girls had all along. It helped their inner beauty be perceived on the outside too. And although the inside is what counts in the end when we’re all old and grey, at least we can say we “slayed” that winged eyeliner way back when. It’s nice to feel like we look nice. It’s a good feeling and there’s nothing wrong with it. Nothing at all. So, if any of you want to see the beauty you’ve always had, let me know! I love doing people’s makeup because of the outcome and how it makes them feel. 

P.S. I am, by no means, a professional. I spend too much time watching beauty gurus on Youtube, so I’ve picked up a few tricks here and there lmao. I’m sure many people are a whole lot better at makeup than me. For example, I cannot for the life of me do a clean cut crease lmao, but I will learn. One day.


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