My Sense Of Fashion

So this blog is going to be a little different from others. Other than just me ranting, I’ve decided I’d share with you guys something I’m passionate about.


I’ve chosen 5 outfits that I believe suits my style. It’s not really a “summer” style book, because in all honesty during the summer I wear pajamas most of the day unless I’m going somewhere. I also have a very different style I’d like to think. I follow trends, but put my own twist on them. If I had to describe my fashion as a whole I honestly couldn’t. It’s different everyday and it depends on my mood. But overall, it’s mostly extremely girly, floral of any sort, and COMFORTABLE!! Comfort is definitely my main priority.


Outfit 1:


Shirt: Brandy Melville (classic)

Blazer: H&M

Shorts: Brandy Melville (I sound basic already, but I swear I really am not lmao)

Shoes: a gift, probably from online

I’m a HUGE fan of the shoes I’m wearing. Most of you have probably seen me wear them because I do wear them often, but they’re me if I was a pair of shoes. They’re Nike Air Maxes revamped perfectly to my style. 🙂


Outfit 2:


Shirt: My mom’s closet lol

Pants: Top Shop

Shoes: Doc Martens

I’ve actually had these checkered jeggings since Freshmen year, but I never had the courage to wear them. I loved the edgy style, but I was just too scared. Eventually I got over it and now they’re the best things ever. It adds a rocker vibe to any outfit, it makes me feel spunky/fun, and it goes perfectly with anything floral. The shoes I’m actually wearing I’ve only worn 3 times (including in this picture), so I’m selling them soon for a good deal! Keep an eye out. 😉


Outfit 3:


Shirt: Wet Seal

Scarf: Cotton On

Button Up: Plato’s Closet

Pants: lol long story, it’s actually a jump suit from Forever 21 just tied in the back

Shoes: Cathy Jean

I like the casual feel of this one and it kind of has a slight Boho vibe. I don’t have much to say about this outfit other than I like it a lot and it’s the most comfortable.


Outfit 4:


Shirt: Forever 21

Skirt: Nordstrom

Shoes: Converse (plus with my signature look: ruffle socks from Cotton On)

I love how this skirt actually pairs well with some of the most comfortable shoes ever. Sometimes converse can make an outfit look a little too tom-boyish for me and although that style is fine too, it’s just not me. So, I add the ruffle socks and that makes the outfit more me.



Outfit 5:


Dress: I honestly can not remember

Hat: Pixar Studios Store

Button Up: Francesca’s

Shoes: Target

This one is SUPER comfortable too!! I bought the shoes randomly after work oneday, back when I worked at Target, because I- I actually don’t know why. I think I just wanted to spend some of my check and they were only 10 bucks. It’s hard not to spend money at Target lol. I look so depressed in this picture, but it’s one of my favorites for sure.


Sorry for the awkward poses! Lol. I don’t know how to act in front of a camera sometimes. I love fashion because you can make it your own. Although, it was hard time to time making it work around DHS’s dress code BUT I tried my best. 🙂 Remember: there’s no specific way to dress.




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