Being A Decent Person

Why is being a decent person so important in this world? I start the most cliché way possible, by asking a rhetorical question, because I want to get everyone thinking.

I love babies. They’re so pure and genuinely joyful. They’re honest and blunt, all which are traits needed to keep the world as we know it alive. (By the way, the featured picture is of my cousin, Zaiden, who is sooo adorable. Okay, back to the point).

They say a good person does good things when no ones around, but if no one is around why do it in the first place. Lol, let’s be real here. People choose to be a decent person honestly because being a bad person is a whole LOT more work. People take so much pride in being horrible human beings and I will never know why. They get nothing out of it. Although, Of course, the word “decent” is subjective, it could be different to everyone that you ask.

Some people may believe calling people out and putting them down about their weight is only in fact helping them in a way. That’s a decent act to some, and a not so decent act to others. But how come we all just can’t act morally? Why does there to have to be rules to tell us what’s right to do or not, can’t we just be nice and do what’s morally right?! The answer to that is short and sweet. Nope. Some human beings are in fact incapable of doing such. Ever heard of Hitler? That was years ago and it’s almost like after his death he was reincarnated into multiple other people that exist today.

A selective few of the human population aren’t capable of doing that because their pride is higher than the DHS seniors at Senior Sunrise. Although, being a good person really isn’t all that hard. I get it, not every one is a saint and goes out of their way for people. Some days even I’m too lazy to go out of my way for someone I care about, but that doesn’t make me a bad person. Being a decent human being could get you so far in life, and maybe (just maybe) you’ll start to notice how you’ve suddenly have become happier too. GO FIGURE. Karma, right? If you don’t want to be a decent person because you don’t necessarily care about others, then do it for the good karma (is anyone actually that selfish?). Do it because there’s already too much bad in this world. Do it because the whole thing of “treat others how you want to be treated” your mom repeated to you when you were younger is actually applicable to real life (unlike limits and parabolas. Oh, and integrals).

I get it, everyone has their moody days. Hell, even my dogs have their moody days. It’s inevitable. It’s okay to have a bad day and be a little more sassier than usual, but there is no excuse nor reason to ever be malicious without reason.

Of course with being nice, there comes limits. Just because someone is nice or a decent person does not mean they won’t ever stand up for themselves. It is wrong to make it your right-of-way pass to walk over someone who’s been nothing but nice to you just because you feel like pushing their buttons. I am the most sweetest and giving girl you probably will ever meet, but when I believe someone is in the wrong and it affects me personally…change your name and move to Alaska. Kidding slightly.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t kill anyone to be a little decent. Try it, your life might change for the better.




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