Summer has been well spent so far.

I just came home from a two week vacation in SoCal. A week was spent in Disneyland and the following week was spent with family. I had gotten home from GradNite and drove straight back to Disneyland the next morning. It was back to back excitement that left me exhausted and half dead. During this trip I had many realizations: I never want to be in a car again for a long time, they need a Juan Pollo in the Bay Area, and this was my last “childhood” summer.

So, no this isn’t really about my summer so far (c’mon Alyssa, no one actually cares lmao). Although I’d love to comment on the fact that I’m really upset about the future upcoming Tower of Terror changes that I was notified of and GradNite grads are extremely annoying when you’re not the grad that’s celebrating. Yes, I’m talking to the group of boys who took off their shirts while in line acting like the “heat” was unbearable (it was overcast) when we all knew they just wanted a reason to pretend that they were the heartthrob of a Nicholas Sparks movie.


After this summer there will be no more high school. No more DHS. No more last minute vocabulary definition crams every Friday three minutes before the actual test. I’m 18, a high school graduate, and I’ll never see some people ever again. That alone just hit me a little while ago while I was scarfing down a Whopper. Honestly, the last time I ate a Whopper was before homecoming, I believe, Junior year? Not sure why I remember that. That was so long ago and little did I know the next time I’d eat a Whopper, it’d be as a high school graduate, what?! In that period of time so much has happened, I could only wonder what my life will be like in three Whoppers time. Why am I using a Whopper as a unit to measure time? Lol, who knows!

All I know at this point in life is that I’m happy I’ve accomplished and passed a huge milestone. I have so much to look forward to and so much change to endure. I’m free from Dublin High and I have the whole rest of my life to make something of myself…how exciting 🙂 I guess my point is, in a short summary, that I’m extremely excited to live my life outside of the K-12 system and the DHS dress code (don’t get me started).


I’m sorry if you’ve wasted your time reading this expecting something enlightening, and I’m also sorry if you’re now craving Burger King.

But now that we’re back to food, you guys really need to have Juan Pollo if you haven’t before. It’s located in the Lake Elsinore area and the chicken is mouth watering.

That is all.




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